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Why Naked?

Our goal is to create natural skincare products that are eco-friendly and free from plastic. We produce skincare packaged only with recyclable or compostable materials and where possible completely free from packaging and 'Naked'.

Soap bundle in compostable packaging

Handmade Products

All our products are handmade in our solar powered soap workshop

Natural Ingredients

Our ingredients are ethically sourced and Earth friendly

  • I WILL be buying more products 100%! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into these products.

    Taylah Hilliard

  • The products are great quality and super gentle on sensitive skin.

    Kylie Doering

  • It feels so light and hydrating. The best lip balm we have come across in ages!

    Sarah Reimerink

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We are a Family Team

  • Photo of Owner Elise Doering


    10 years ago Elise was a stay at home mum and farmer’s wife when she became interested in natural products. With a newborn daughter suffering with eczema and a family history of skin sensitivities and allergies she began researching how to create natural skin care products, free from chemicals, preservatives, fragrances and fillers. After practising and honing her art, 5 years later The Naked Soap Company was created. Elise now creates a wide range of natural skincare products from her soap workshop on the family farm.

  • Photo of team member & sister Michelle Doering


    Michelle is our organisation queen and you will often find her at markets, answering your emails, packing your orders and working in the office.

  • Photo of husband & bath bomb expert Tim


    Tim is our Bath Bomb and Shower Steamer expert, when Tim isn't working the family farm, you can find him out and about making deliveries or helping at markets and he loves a chat.

Soap bundle in compostable packaging


We have wholesalers all over Australia selling our wonderful products. If you are interested in becoming a stockist, we would absolutely LOVE to hear from you!


  • What does zero-waste mean?

    The goal of zero waste is to send nothing to landfill. This means all parts of a product, including packaging, should be recyclable or compostable. Here at The Naked Soap Company we strive to provide 'naked' products, completely free of packaging. Where necessary we use only recyclable packaging; glass jars, aluminium tins and recyclable lids.

  • Isn't soap bad for your skin?

    The answer depends greatly on what soap you use. Cheap soap often has added fillers to make a cheaper product. These fillers can dry the skin and cause irritation. Natural soap, made by good artisans, is actually very good for your skin, full of natural butters and oils and free of fillers and nasty additives. The idea that soap is bad for your skin, is a myth widely circulated once shower gels came on to the market. What the shower gel companies fail to mention is that their products most often contain SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, preservatives along with artificial colours and fragrances. All of this served to you in a plastic container destined for landfill.

  • Are essential oils safe for the skin?

    We only use essential oils proven skin safe in our products and always in low doses. Children, pregnant women and the elderly can be more sensitive to essential oils. If you are concerned, speak to your GP. As always, if irritation occurs, discontinue use.

  • Do you use preservatives?

    Soap and oil based products do not require preservatives as they do not provide a hospitable climate for bacterial, yeast and mould to grow in.

  • Why has my balm/cream gone grainy?

    Our balms and creams are all natural and don't contain chemical emulsifiers. This means in warmer temperatures the ingredients in our balms can melt and separate. As each of the ingredients have different melting/setting points, when the product returns to normal room temperature the ingredients in the product can re-set at different rates. The product is still effective and safe to use if it is grainy, however, if you don't like the texture you can easily remove the product from the container, re-melt the product completely and return it to its container.

  • Can I return my empty jars and tins?

    Returns can be made via our drop off points, at one of our markets or via post to The Naked Soap Company, ℅- Truro Post Office, Truro SA 5356

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