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Bath Soak

Bath Soak



Two relaxing varieties of soothing Bath Soak to choose from.

Our Original Bath Soak combines Epsom Salts, reputed to reduce muscle soreness and swelling, Goat's Milk Powder long believed to soften the skin and Colloidal Oatmeal regarded as a soothing ingredient to create a relaxing bath soak. Lastly Rose Petals are added for a luxurious and fragrant experience.

Our new Magnesium Bath Soak contains magnesium chloride flakes, a more concentrated form of Epsom Salts, reputed to reduce muscle soreness and swelling, combined with fresh lavender and rosemary for a rejuvenating experience.

  • Ingredients

    Bath Soak Rose 280g
    Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate), Goat's Milk Powder, Colloidal Oatmeal, Rose Petals, Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

    Magnesium Bath Soak 250g
    Magnesium Flakes (Magnesium Chloride), Lavender Buds, Rosemary Springs, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil.

  • Directions

    Place 3-4 tablespoons of product into a warm bath. Swirl to help incorporate and lay back and relax.

    Scoop floating rose petals/rosemary stalks from the bath before draining to avoid plugging the drain.

    Store in a dry place. For external use. If irritation occurs discontinue use.